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INTRODUCTION: In this issue we will be touching on a variety of topics: The featured interview this 
month is Scare Tactic, a great band with an incredible new recording. As well, we have the Top 10 
listing, concert announcements (with assitance from Sandy Miranda), a piece on the Saucy 70's film 
fest, and more in the rumourmill. Dig in, then tune in. 

Scare Tactic 

SCARE TACTIC, formerly known as AS 
ONE, released a four song CD thai had a 
new school sXe sound a few years back. In 
the last couple of months, they released a 
demo entitled "Sowhatifl'mafuck'mgdemo". It 
is fast, raw thrash incorporating elements of 
mosh and power violence. They sound like 
while listening to CHAIN OF STRENGTH. 
The band features Jesse on vocals, James on 
drums, Rob on bass, and Jonah on 
guitar. They are very active in the current 
scene, Jonah plays in CAREER SUICIDE, 
FUCKED UP, and also with Jesse in 
on Equalizing Distort on Sunday 
November 4th and here is some of what 
we talked about. 

How did AS ONE form ? What made 
you all start a band with each other ? 
Jonah: Well, Robert and Jesse are 
brothers and James has known them both 
for more or less their entire lives. Jesse's 
uncle is James' godfather and they've 
always been close, so forming a band 
seemed natural when they all became 
interested in the same kind of music. The 
band that they originally formed was called 
BSE. During the year of either 1997 or 1998. 
I joined the band and it went from there. We 
changed the name (twice), changed the sound 
(twice) and here we are. 
Describe your sound to folks. Jonah and I 
have had disagreements back and forth 
about the sound of your band, I think the 
fast parts are reminescent of CHARLES 
BRONSON and the breakdowns sound 
similar to that of SHARK ATTACK. 
Simon has stripped this down to "play 
fast, raw thrash that adds elements of 
mosh and power violence to a solid 
foundation of early '80's hardcore". What 
do you think you sound like ? 
James: I think its hard to totally describe 
what we sound like just because we have so 
many different influences, we have fast 
thrashy parts then we will go to a 

Jonah: It's not so much that I disagree 
entirely with your comparisons, but I just 
think our sound doesn't sound quite enough 
like either CHARLES BRONSON or 
SHARK ATTACK to earn those 
comparisons. CHARLES BRONSON are 

known for their ultra-fast blast beats and 
snotty vocals -and although we have "blast 
parts", Jesse's vocals sound rather far from 
Mark McCoy's, and the fast parts are a little 
toned down in comparison. As for SHARK 
ATTACK, some of the breakdowns we've 
written sound very much akin to that style. 
However, SHARK ATTACK have a sound 
that's particularly traditional. I think I'd read 
somewhere the idea behind the seven inch or 
the demo was to soxmdexactly like the 
ANTIDOTE record. And it does sound really 
similar to early New York hardcore bands like 

THE ABUSED. Our sound is much more 
'modern' - to use that word in the most 
positive way when referring to hardcore. I'd 
say our sound is fast, chunky hardcore with 
its song writing based in early North 
American Hardcore, mixed with breakdowns. 
On the CD you did this cover of "United 
Worldwide" and I assume that the name, 
AS ONE, was taken from the WARZONE 
song by the same name. Is WARZONE 
still a big influence in the band ? 
Jesse: The WARZONE thing died rather 
quickly, at least the influence on the sound of 
the band. I think we were so influenced by 
WARZONE because they were one of the 
first HC bands we really got into (and I still 
listen to at least three WARZONE records on 
a relatively consistent basis). But as our 
influences grew, our sound evolved and we 
realised that there were a whole lot of bands 
out there that blow WARZONE out of the 

With the CD, I noticed there was more of 
an emphasis on breakdowns. With the 
demo the songs seem more to the point, so 
there is some brevity to them and there is 
more hardcore youth crew parts as 
opposed to the crunchy chugs parts. Do 

you notice a sound change ? If so how do 
you account for it ? 

James: I definitely noticed a sound change, 
when we recorded the AS ONE CD. I was 
really into STRIFE, and 25 TA LIFE, it was 
all about breakdowns. 
Jonah: Basically we just matured musically. 
When the songs for the CD were written, our 
knowledge of Punk Rock and Hardcore was 
pretty limited. I started getting into old 
hardcore and particularly influential bands of 
the last decade and started writing all the 
songs, and the rest of the band followed suit 
and our sound changed. I guess you can still 
kind of hear our old ways creeping back 
every now and then. To quote the 
DICTATORS "we just wanted to play faster 
and louder." 

Jesse: Again, it comes down to a variety 
of influences. When we wrote the CD we 
were listening to a lot of NYHC, and not 
just older stuff, but a lot of VICTORY 
RECORDS shit (and I use the word shit 
strongly). So when you have such a 
narrow range of influences, chances are 
your sound isn't going to be that great. 
Can you tell us about the recording of 
your latest demo ? Where and how 
did you record it ? 
James: It was recorded m Jesse and 
Rob's basement by their uncle. He has a 
reel-to-reel 8 track recorder and he spent 
a lot of time trying to get the sound we 
wanted. It was done in the winter of 2000- 

Jonah: Jesse's uncle has been playing in 
bands for quite some time (25 years!) and 
knows a ton about sound. He'd made a 
makeshift recording studio in Jesse's 
basement that he used to record small 
projects on with his band THE WHITE 
HOUSE, and he'd actually never done 
anything like our band before. 
Jesse: By the grace of Lucifer (and our 
uncle's enthusiasm and perfectionism) the 
recording came out really well. 
Up until a couple of weeks ago, you were 
AS ONE. Now you are called SCARE 
TACTIC. Why the name change ? 
James: We were no longer such enthusiastic 
WARZONE fans. The name didn't really 
represent our music. 
Jonah: The demo we released is being 
pressed to vinyl. After it's release, we'd 
heard from Simon Harvey, that there might 
be label interest as to pressing the demo. 
Knowing Simon and his prankster ways, we 
pawned it off as Simon pulling our legs. But 
as it turns out, Dave Partridge (aka Dave 
Last) offered to put out our demo on a seven 
inch as the first release on his new label, 
"The Solomon Method Records." Needless 

to say we jumped at the opportunity. We had 
thought about changing the name for some 
time before as well, and we figured once a 
record was out there's no turning back, so we 
might as well change it now. 
Is there any significance behind the name 

Jonah: 1 got the name from an AOD song, but 
it's not that that song has any particular 
significance (other than the fact that it was 
written by the almighty ADRENALIN 
OVERDRIVE-who have a song for almost 
every occasion). I think it's a good name, and 
is fitting for our sound. 
On the demo you did a cover of "Jimmy 
Swaggart stuck his pee pee in my poo 
poo" by Sons of Ishmael. Tonight you 
were going to attempt a cover of "Small 
Town Mentality'*. What is it about Sons 
of Ishmael that appeals to you to be an 
unofficial tribute band ? 
James: They were an awesome band that was 
from our area, and we were recording songs 
for a compilation called "Toronto not Ballet". 
Jonah: The first time I ever heard the SONS 
OF ISHMAEL was on Equalizing Distort. I 
was visiting the show - probably about two 
years ago and in the midst of helping you file 
CD's, a fast snotty song the likes of which I 
hadn't heard much of came over the speakers. 
It immediately caught my interest, and I 
asked about the phantom song, to which you 
replied - "it's the SONS OF ISHMAEL, 
from Meaford, Ontario. This song is called 
the "Halloween Party" and you went on to 
explain the story behind the song. I just 
thought it was a really great song, and the 
fact that they were from so close to Toronto 
really intrigued me, as well. Soon after I 
found their record at Full Blast and loved it 
(it wasn't even their best record). When we 
went in to record it was originally for a 
Toronto hardcore compilation called 'This is 
Toronto, not ballet' and I thought it would be 
cool to cover a band from in and around 
Toronto. So we did... even though we tried 
learning 'Man and his Penis Scepter' we 
couldn't quite hack it on the spot, so "Jimmy 
Swaggart" it was. We had planned to cover 
'Small Town Mentality' but the lyrics went 
AWOL at the crucial moment (when we were 
going to play it). 

Jesse: I think it's safe to say that we sound 
very little like SOI, but that's what's so fun 
about covering their tunes. We always like it 
when bands throw a curve ball. For instance 
we've covered 'Children in Heat' live, and 
there's been some talk of a NEW BOMB 
TURKS cover. 

What is your favourite song from a lyrical 
standpoint and why ? 
James: Just recently I like the song "Sick of 
Fun" that Johah sings. I don't know all the 
words to all the songs except for the one that 
1 sing, but I really like a few lines in "Sick of 

Jonah: For me it's either "Step Right Up" or 
"Sick of Fun". The reason I like those is 
probably because I wrote the lyircs, but they 

are personal stuff so that's why it's so easy 
to relate. "Step Right Up" is basically about 
me evaluating my peers when I was like 16. 1 
went to this keg party and got drunk and 
watched all my friends do the same thing. I 
felt particularly shitty in the morning 
(without the hangover) and I just thought of 
how weird it was that all these kids rush to 
something so fake to change themselves from 
what they are, needless to say I didn't follow 
my own advice at all, but it's like the song 
says 'this is the beginning of the end...' 
Maybe one day. "Sick of Fun" is pretty self 
explanatory. I just started University, and the 
'mad parties,' and blah blah bullshit gets on 
my nerves sometimes. It seems like I can't 
quite feel normal doing what they do, and it 
makes me wanna scream until my throat 
bleeds. now I do. 
Jesse: I really like 'The City Smells Like 
Garbage', which is a newer song. Without 
being all emo about things, that song really 
means a lot to me on a personal level, and it's 
really cathartic to sing those words. 
What are the bands plans for recording, 
playing out, touring ? 
James: We're always up for playing shows. 
We plan to record pretty much as soon as 
possible, and for touring it depends if my 
parents will let us borrow their truck to carry 

Jonah: Put out records that someone might 
want some day, play out a lot, and get people 
to know about our band. 
Jesse: We'll probably be recording again 
soon. We're going to be on a comp that Craig 
Caron is putting out, so we'll be recording for 
that. As for playing out/ touring there is 
some talk of doing a joint tour with BORED 
summer. Other than that, we'll play 
anywhere, essentially. 

You may contact the band via e-mail at 
They don 't have a mailing address as yet, but 
we will keep you posted. Next month 's issue 
will contain an interview with the CLASS 
ASSASSINS who will be playing live at CIUT 
on December 2nd. 



extension of the weekly radio show heard on 
CIUT 89.5 FM every Sunday nights from 
10:00pm 'HI midnight (Hosts: Martin Farkas, 
Noah Gadke, Simon Harvey and 
Stephe Perry). 

The show dedicates itself to the 
underground hardcore punk scene. There is a 
particular emphasis on international releases in 
the developing thrash, power violence, straight 
edge, grind burning spirits, and Killed By Dealh 
scenes, which means we play material like 
Jerry's Kids, Crossed Out, Intensity, 
Deadbodieseverywhere, Crow, and The Dogs. 

There is a weekly demo feature (paying 
homage to the cassette format), weekly event 
listings, and a monthly top 10 retrospective look 
at releases. 


CIUT 89,5 FM 

Sundays 10:00 pm - midnight 

91 St George Street, 

Toronto, ON 



Request Line: (416) 946-7000 

e-mail: equalizing 


f}^ CIUT 89.5 FM - "Equalizing Distort" 


Top 10 Hardcore Releases 


for October 2001 





1. Teenage Rejects 

Don't care about anything 


Rip Off 

2. From Ashes Rise 



Witch Hunt 

3. Tear It Up / Down in Flames 



DIE Hardcore 

4. DS-13 

Killed by the Kids 



5. Burst 

Conquest: Writhe 



6. Holding On 

Just Another Day 



7. Voorhees 

Crystal Lake Legacy 


Six Weeks 

8. Crucial Unit / Killed in Aclion 

splitseveninchesofdestruction ep 

Fast for Life 

9. A.O.S./3WayCum 




10. Kill Your Idols 

Funeral for a Feeling 



Equalizing Distort can be heart 

every Sunday night on CIUT 89.5 FM at 10:00 pm. The top 10 

countdown can be heard in its 

entirely, complete with previews of the picks 

and analysis on the 

previous month in hardcore, or 

the last Sunday of the month. 



Arcimus Pyle / Crow "Release from Agony" ep 

ARTIMUS PYLE deliver three new flattening 

tracks of HIS HERO-core. Burly, blistering distorto- 

mood-core with agonizing vocals to draw out the 

compassion. This is heart wrenching hardcore to 

shake foundations. On the flip, CROW do a pretty 

convincing cover of CRUCIFIX'S "Blind 

Destruction". Their original represents their 

deadpan wall of noise sound complete with a 

sweeping guitar solos that comes out of nowhere. Did you know that the 

drummer was in G.I.S.M I think this split is an ep to document CROW's US 

tour in 2000 as there is an insert with pictures of the band hanging out with 

folks like Todd His Hero and Dave Neurosis. 

(Mangrove Records / Base ACP Bldg 3F / 4-23-5, Koenji Minami / Suginami- 

ku / Tokyo 166-0003 / Japan / e-mail: 

Deathcharge "Plastic Smiles" ep 

A dis-core band from the North American 

headquarters of crust, Portland. Raw sounding like 

a demo. But for folks from Toronto, it is scarey 

how much this one sided platter sounds like the 

"Freaked Out" period of SUDDEN IMPACT. The 

music is mid-tempo, and the vocals are almost 

spoken the way Mitch did his shouting. But instead jg^/ffiffi 

of pre-mature crossover, DEATHCHARGE attempt a stripped down d- 

beat. This will be of particular interest to mid-80's Toronto kids, 

(After the Bomb / P.O. Box 66676 / Portland, OR / 97290-6676 / USA) 

Diskonco "There is No Tomorrow" LP 

One of the most important thrash bands in the 

world with their incredible new release. For those 

expecting a D-beat clone look elsewhere, this is 

refreshing unique thrash straight out Uppsala. A 

full album's worth of new Swede-core that updates ' 

the DISCHARGE sound with DROP DEAD speed. And the vocalist is 

unmatched by any of the other d-beat crooners. I'm not so concerned about 

this new DISCHARGE that everyone is talking about with DISKONTO 

around. , 

(Flowerviolence Records / Augartenstrasse 15 / 68165 Mannheim / Germany 


Killing, the CD-r 

THE KILLING incorporate scream-o with the 

Chug breakdowns of mid-90's sXe. It's a blend of 

ear-piercing THREE STUDIES FOR A 

CRUCIFIXION mixed with the low end back 

breaking sound of CHOKEHOLD. At times this is 

blender fast and at other times this is trudging slow 

and there are even overcompensated metal leads, 

The recording is too overmodulated and with a good studio THE KILLING 

would destroy. Lyrically, this is from the same school as DEATHREAT, 

musically this is from the same school as the SWARM, but they are from St. 

John's Newfoundland, which makes this exceptional. 



Kill Your Idols "Funeral for a Feeling" LP 

Straight forward hardcore mixed with elements of 

pop. The vocals remind me of a John Brannon or 

Jack Kelly knock off, which gives this a heavier, 

tougher element. The POISON IDEA cover is great 

and is recognizable immediately. With 17 tracks 

there is lots to think about ranging from being enthusiastic to resisting the 

system. We could have done without the accoustic outro. Otherwise, a 

seamless record. 

(SideOneDummy / 6201 Sunset Blvd., Suite 21 1 / Hollywood, CA / 90028 / 


Korona demo CD 

KORONA play emo-violence that incorporates a 
play off between scream-o and grind vocals. They 
have twisted bass lines that build each song into 
crashing crescendos that transform into frenzied 
hardcore songs. So you get war style drum roll that 
leads into a soundscape and a guitar that pummels 




MOVING [, ^ 


and then plays lovely chords and then has epileptic fits. Both beautiful and 
ugly at the same time. And I love the fact that there is no jewel box, just a 
yellow ribbon tie to hold this self-made cover together. Can't beilieve 
they're x-CURTAINRAIL. 

(Make Money Records / Takuya Koreeda / 3-9-14 Kojiya Honchou Adati- 
ku / Tokyo 121-0832 / Japan / e-mail: 

Kwik Way "Box Set" CD 

I remember KWIK WAY from comps like "Bay 

Mud" and "Lest We Forget". Pre-Gilman band with 

quirky bits that fit right in with the early Lookout 

releases. Bad jazz at times, but it had that STIKKY 

- ISOCRACY sense of humour that revived the 

Berkeley scene. I didn't realize how many of the 

songs I recognize. For fans of ONE EYE OPEN, 

get this, 

(Foostamp Records / P.O. Box 21422 / Oakland, CA / 94620 / USA) 

Redshift "Shadowless Citizen" CD 
REDSHIFT play a combination of mid-tempo post 
punk with thrashing fast hardcore. Some of it sounds 
burly tough guy, some of it sounds indie rock and 
some of it sounds like 'get into the pit' manic- 
ness. It depends what you like in your punk. 
(Soulforce Records / Apartado de Correos 18199 / 
28080 Madrid / Spain) 

Society of Friends a.k.a. Quakers "Growing 

Up Moving away" LP 

Keeping the PHC element of power violence alive 

is SOCIETY OF FRIENDS with some torturous 

brooding slow parts that play call and response 

with speedmetal riffs heard in bands like BEYOND 

POSSESSION or the ACCUSED. This is power 

violence, but with some unique crossover elements. 

The vocalist sounds like a Sam McPheeters knock off to give this recording 

a stripped down feel. And there is a cover of a band named the CHUMPS for 

an attempt at a rock number. 


Think I Care ep 

THINK I CARE sound like Jersey fastcore being 

played by a power violence band. There is an audible 

buzzsaw distortion underlying the entire recording, 

which gives an MITB air. But INFEST is the real 

inspiration here. Of course, these kids have been 

probably hanging around with TEAR IT UP and 


thrash approach creeps in. This is hard to call, but it is distorted as fuck and 

shines in unlikely moments. 

(DeadAlive Records / P.O. Box 97 / Caldwell, NJ / 07006 / USA) 

Voorhees "Crystal Lake Legacy" CD 

How do they continue to crank them out ? This is 

much better than their last full length. Getting back 

to their simple straight forward hardcore that 

reminds me of FAIR WARNING with NEGATIVE 

APPROACH-era John Brannon on vocals. Fast, 

gritty and ugly sounding, 

(Six Weeks / 225 Lincoln Avenue / cotati, CA / 

94931 /USA) 

V/A "New Disorder Soda" CD 

This is largely a pop punk compilation of bay area 

bands, but there are some glaring exceptions. It is a 

very good comp, especially for tuning folks into 

new bands in some of their raw recordings. The 

bands of this genre that stand out are THE COST, 


There are a few experiments like MIDNIGHT 


add personality. The exceptions are bands like FLESHIES who rip shit up 

with their garage-core or WHAT HAPPENS NEXT ? who bring out the 

circle pit on blind consumption. The TALK IS POISON tracks are live, so 

they are nothing to write home about. And J CHURCH is J CHURCH. It's 

a very cool comp in it's ability to reflect the diversity of their scene. 

(New Disorder Records / 115 Bartlett St., / San Francisco, CA / 94110 / 


The Saucy 70's Film 

Films that bite back! 

By Dion Conflict 

So what exactly made the 70's "saucy" you ask? What made a 
generation go from Julie Andrews singing in the mountains to 
mountain climbing and valley exploration of another kind???? 

We can take a quick look before the 70's, one could examine the 
demographic and environment of the average "baby boomer". These 
restive kids were now in their late teens to early 20's. They were 
faced with Vietnam, a growing hippie and drug culture, and a world 
where the line "which couldn't be crossed" was constantly 

North America at the time too was filled with lots of different 
types of theatres (and drive-ins), and a lot of these were 
independently owned. As society changed, one could say that a lot of 
the indie cinema, and film-makers defied the audience by making films 
that pushed the limits (instead of a film "well crafted" within the 
limits), box offices receipts showed that the public's taste was 
changing. What was the Kinsey report REALLY saying? 

If Television was adopting the "don't go there" attitude with 
society's changing attitudes towards sex and gender, the cinema saw it 
as a cash cow and embraced it. If the movie going public (Baby 
Boomers) wanted to see Frankie and Annette stop flirting with each 
other and discover their sexual psyche, by gosh Hollywood was going 
to bring it to us (See everybody! The entertainment industry DOES 
care about us!). 

To look in hindsight, it was like celluloid "Adam and Eve" 
exploration during this period. ...Men and Women were shown on the 
screen experimenting and talking unashamed about sex, Some did 
more than talking! The films at this time were getting the imagination 
of the movie public going, and then there were some films that left 
NOTHING to the imagination! These saucy films were served on a 
platter to an eager public willing to feast at the local grindhouses, "Art 
Houses" and drive-ins, ready to serve the buffet of love! 

Which brings us to FESTIVAL CINEMAS "Saucy 70's 
Retrospective" at the Royal Cinema running December 7 to the 13. 
We're bringing the movie public a little lovin' with some films that 
pushed the envelope on the big screen: EMMANUELLE made Sylvia 
Kristel into a household name and made Bangkok seem like a very 

sexy place to be VAMPIRE LOVERS gave Hammer fans the 

volatile mix of lesbianism and vampires FRITZ THE CAT 

showed a Robert Crumb influenced cat that was horny.. ..ILSA: SHE 
WOLF OF THE S.S. has Dyanne Thorne going through her sexual 
exploration in a POW camp.... And DEVIL IN MISS JONES and 
FILTHY RICH shows that a "talented actor" in these films is also an 
"actors with talents"!!!! 

Non blushing, liberated and free adults: Make your way down to 
the Royal Cinema to be served some saucy cinema for your 
enjoyment! It might be cold outside, but you'll find these films 

We have tickets to giveaway for the Conflict Archive presents of 
the Devil in Miss Jones and Filthy Rich so tune in to Equalizing-X- 

show listings 


Emmanuelle, Friday December 7th @ 9:30 pm 

The Devil in Miss Jones, Saturday December 8th @ 9: 1 5 pm 

Emmanuelle, Sunday December 9th @ 9: i 5 pm 

Fritz the Cat, Monday December 10th @ 9:15 pm 

The Devil in Miss Jones, Tuesday December 1 1th @ 9:00 pm 

Filthy Rich, Wednesday December 12th @ 9:00 pm 

Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS, Thursday December 13th @ 9:15 pm 



FRIDAY DECEMBER 7TH - FILM: Beau Travail @ Innis Town Hall, 






(500 Drury Lane), $5, $4 with canned food, Info: 


the Funhouse, 7:00pm (Buffalo) 

FRIDAY DECEMBER 14TH - FILM: Thrilling Sword (1984) aka 




JANUARY MAY @ Ed Video Media Arts Centre (16A Wyndham St. N.) 

in Guelph, 7pm, $6, Info: 




THURSDAY DECEMBER 27TH - FILM: Eraserhead @ Royal, 9:10pm 

FRIDAY DECEMBER 28TH - FILM: Snake Deadly Act @ Royal, 


rum our mill 

The El Mo is not dead! Elmo booking agent, Dan Burk, and his gang 
have been able to wrangle the rent payments away from Ted's 
Wrecking Yards to re-locate on College Street * Local promotor Mike 
Haliechuk is working on kick starting the release of local hardcore 
compilation to be entitled "Toronto Breakout." The record is expected 
to feature material from NO WARNING, HAYMAKER, OUR WAR, 
CAREER SUICIDE * "Hardcore" Simon Harvey of Ugly Pop 
Records said the new HAMMER demo from Japan could be his labels 
next release. Simon is quoted as using the words "Mad Props" to 
describe the band * Domenic guitarist of the now defunct DAY OF 
MOURNING has moved to Baltimore and is playing for COMIN' 
CORRECT * The BLASTCAPS have recorded the "Safety Dance" 
and a YYY cover for upcoming compilations * Doug from JAWW is 
now singing for ARMED & HAMMERED * Mopa Dean (the 
original singer of ARMED & HAMMERED is talking about starting a 
new band * Ethan from JAWW is playing in THE MURDERSQUAD 
T.O.. THE MURDERSQUAD T.O. have a split coming out with 
SORE THROAT, the grind band that started all the short song chaos * 
RANDOM KILLING are releasing a series of CDs that will be 
available at upcoming shows. There are 5 in the series and all their 
songs are to be captured on them. The catch however is that you can 
only get them by going to their shows * 2 PUMP LOUIE have a 3 
song CD coming out * JERKBANK have a new full length CD 
entitled "Better Days" to be released in January and are releasing it 
themselves * The TIJUANA BIBLES have new material available as 
part of a porn soundtrack to "Sex Mex" and have a new 10" out called 
"Custom Made" * THE EXPLODERS have their first full length out 
entiled "New Variations" * Members from SPREAD THE DISEASE 
have started a new group with RJ from COUNTDOWN TO 
CLUB. At the moment they have a CD ep out * Deranged Records 
has released that long awaited NK6. Fuck does it sound like GAUZE. 
The new INTENSITY record is out as well * A bunch of folks are 
getting together to release the NUNFUCKERS discography, whihc 
will see demo tracks and eps on one release * BORED OF 
EDUCATION have a one sided, silkscreened clear vinyl a la the YES 
LA comp on their own label * CAREER SUICIDE will be re-doing 
the demo as an ep and will release it themselves.